Double Wall Fuel Tanks

Bin Features

  • Ladder with Safety Grip
  • 2 Lift Lugs
  • Atmospheric Vent
  • Emergency Vent
  • 24” Manway
  • Epoxy Primed & Urethane Top Coat
  • 3” Bottom & Top Fill Access
  • 3 x Brackets for Accessories
  • Siteglass (Double Wall Tanks Only)

These 5,500 – 19,000 gallon double wall tanks are built for peace of mind. With heavy gauge steel construction and all of your tank openings on the top, no containment dike is needed. Safe, secure storage for the gas, oil or diesel on your yard.


structure guarantee


paint warranty


Key Features

  • Quality at an economical price
  • Widest skid base on the market, built for stability
  • All P&O steel including: roof, side-wall, legs and cone
  • All Concept bins come standard with an epoxy primer and a polyurethane top coat
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Long Term Reliability

Concept’s standard of paint quality is unmatched in the smooth wall bin industry. Utilizing a 2 coat liquid paint process ensures a long lasting and beautiful aesthetic as well as highly protective finish.  

Boasting superior salt spray ratings and better edge protection to prevent rust; liquid paint provides a smooth finish and increases product flow, keeping the inside of your Concept bin clean.

Every Concept bin goes through our 3-step wash & clean process, ensuring the steel is 100% free of contaminants and etched to maximize adhesion and shine. We regularly perform audits on our process to ensure that every step of the process is up to spec.


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ModelUS GallonsLitresDiameterEave Height
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