Why Choose a Concept Bin?

There are a number of great bin manufacturing companies in Canada to choose from, so when it comes to choosing the right bin for you, we thought we’d provide some facts and comments our customers have said about us, and let you decide for yourself if Concept is the best supplier for you:

Concept Cares

 Concept is a small family-owned and operated business. Our customers are not just another number on a spreadsheet, they are friends and neighbours, people like you and me who care about their families, communities, and ultimately feeding the world with produce from their hard working land!

  • Our sales team will get back to every inquiry within 24 hours
  • Our customer care team will call you 4 weeks before delivery, then 2 weeks, and then the day before your bin is to arrive, all to ensure everything goes as planned
  • Our truck drivers will ensure the bin is set up in the location you want, and when the roads are messy they will wash the bin off to ensure no road salt is left on the bin
  • If you have an issue with your bin, we will deal with it quickly and with integrity
  • Our commitment is that you are absolutely satisfied with your product


Concept Quality

 At Concept we use the “Green Dot” quality control methodology. This means every time the bin moves through the line we have eyes on it. Welds are inspected at each station, then washed, painted, and finally assembled. Our quality control Manager does the final inspection himself, and if the bin attains the “Concept Quality” status…the green dot is applied! Beyond our robust quality control process, we also have a few additional features which have garnered some high regard from customers:

  • No 14g steel is used in a Concept bin, 12g is the minimum and we bump up to 10g for the larger fertilizer bins
  • All Concept bins go through a thorough 3-step cleaning process to ensure the bins are contamination-free. Once cleaned, the bins are liquid coated with an epoxy primer and a proprietary polyurethane topcoat, giving them the brightest sheen in the industry
  • 10-year structural warranty 
  • 5-year external paint warranty

Concept Value 

Given the size of our business, our overhead costs are low in comparison to a large corporation, and our production team has continued to cut our labour costs on a per bin basis. All this is good news for our customers, as we are able to price our bins just below our competitors while providing a high-quality bin for a slightly better price.  The scale & size of our company allows us to rapidly take notice and respond in a timely manner with any queries or comments you might have. We have dedicated teams that specialize in customer support, enabling us to provide a superior quality of service to you!

Concept Commitment

At Concept, our role in the big picture may be a small one, but it’s important…whether you’re a farmer looking for the right storage on your farm, a fertilizer or seed supplier, or a large corporation looking to expand your storage terminal…we would love to help you find the right storage solution for you. 

We will not do everything perfect, and no doubt somebody will be the first to give us a negative review online! But our goal as a company is simple… stay customer focused, make sure we find the bin that fits your need, build it to the highest quality standard, and keep our price in line with the competition.